Mike Andre  Owner

Mike Andre

Michael has been an entrepreneur and successful business owner since 1985. He has owned several businesses that, although they had been financially successful, they never gave him the fulfillment that owning a business that restores lives does. Michael has been in recovery for 13 years and during the last nine years he has helped hundreds of alcoholics/addicts achieve sobriety by opening up  halfway houses and taking the time to share his experience, strength and hope. As a way of giving back to the program of recovery, he and his partner Chris Keyes started Turning Point to help men and women overcome the battle of addiction..Micheal has a deep compassion for addicts and alcoholics who have been down the same path that he was on, and does whatever he can to share the happiness peace and love that sobriety has given him.In 1999 Micheal Andre had enough of his addiction and sought help from a treatment center where he ended up staying for 2 months. He knew he that without the help of a facility he would’ve eventually gone on to the bitter end.He couldn’t do it alone because he had tried many times before , so he gave up the fight and checked into that facility for 60 days.Micheal has stayed clean from drugs and alcohol ever since and now helps others achieve recovery as well. Knowing that going to a treatment center with a continuous after care program of recovery saved his life, he knew his future was in the field of addiction. In 2005 he opened, and operated two half way houses. Each housing held 18 clients , at any given time. He had great success, with a very low rate of relapse, far below the industry average. With this success, Michael still was driven to do more. In 2013 he created and opened Turning Point Recovery Center. His goal is to help as many sick, and suffering addicts and alcoholics as possible.

Michael is a hands on owner, and administrator. He is at the facility on a daily basis, overseeing all aspect of the day to day operations. Michael is very approachable to both staff, and clients. He does everything necessary to ensure that each client’s recovery experience with Turning Point Recovery Center is a successful one.